properties I shoot close in 100 days or less. Average selling price…$1M

properties I shoot close in 100 days or less. Average selling price…$1M


Increase the perceived value of your property

A home with high quality images and video will be perceived as being worth more. If you thought the home was worth it, so will they. Average imagery can make a million dollar+ home look so-so and a less appealing home look even worse.

Connect with out-of-town buyers & waste less time

Visually engaging photos and video will help out-of-town buyers fall in love, increasing the chance they'll see it in person. And since buyers have a better sense of the property, you are less likely to waste time on fruitless showings.

Attract new sellers with a luxury brand

Many of our agents land new clients simply by showing them the quality of their photos and video and some agents hire me regardless of the listing price because they don’t want their name attached to anything less.


Custom outdoor firepit with dry stacked rock work

“I had a $2M listing that was about 20 minutes from town and had a mix of updated and not so updated décor so I knew I was going to have to step up my marketing. I asked Diane at Stelio Media to take photographs and create a video which were delivered quickly and looked fantastic. As a result, the house went under contract in five days. It still amazes me, I get comments about the video months after the closing. I have no doubt that this investment is the reason for my fast commission. I will use them again and again.” Andy Langefels, Sotheby's

Log cabin home in the mountains during the winter

“Stelio Media has provided invaluable services to me and my business. Diane is a master of the craft and so professional with clients. This process is very intimate and can be very vulnerable and emotional for people, but Diane handles all with such care and ease.

My listing was recently recognized by a national firm and promoted internationally. I know this feature was due to the high quality marketing images and video that Stelio produced for us. I trust the process and the quality product I know I will receive from Stelio Media. Diane continues to help propel my business and continues my relationships with pleased clients.” Lindsay Lubrant, Coldwell Banker

Log cabin bedroom with wood paneling

“Diane never ceases to amaze me. She did two photo shoots for me recently on new listings, and on one listing I had multiple offers within two days of posting the listing, and on the other home I had an offer the next day - I truly believe a large part of the interest in these homes was because of the amazing photography work done by Stelio Media. Diane always takes her time when doing a photo shoot to make sure everything is perfect - definitely worth the investment in the presentation of your new listings.” Terrie Troutman, Re/Max Pinnacle

Twilight of home on mountain side

“We had a very unique home that we knew was going to be a challenge to portray effectively on internet sites and flyers. Diane’s photos captured the essence of that uniqueness in a way that caused almost every prospect to comment on the quality of our photographs. We are certain Diane’s photos were a major factor in our ability to sell our home, as a for-sale-by-owner, in 7 days at a price significantly above that suggested by realtors. Thank you, Diane.” Ann & Ernie Norris, FSBO


Photography, video and drone work in Durango, Bayfield, Hesperus, Cortez, Dolores, Silverton and beyond

Large white kitchen with breakfast nook

Interior/Exterior Photography

Satellite aerial view of horse property in the fall

Aerial Photography

Drone image of large mountain log home with a pool

Twilight Photography

Twilight of home on the edge of the Animas Valley

Aerial Twilight Photography

Real Estate Video

Twilight Video

Time Lapse Video

Google Earth Fly-In Video


1) Quality, not quantity

Some real estate photographers provide a boat load of images. That may feel like a great value but here is what this probably means for you:

  • More Work Receiving 60+ images of just interior/exterior means you have to decide which angles are the best. That is supposed to be the photographer’s job.

  • Lower Quality Images The more images a photographer takes, the less time they are likely to spend on each one. Especially if they are in and out in an hour.

    I draw on 20+ years of experience and spend several minutes composing the best angle, removing clutter and lighting each space to create natural, clean, vibrant images. My clients receive the number of images they need, plus a few more.

I also provide a FREE Homeowner's Guide to Preparing for Real Estate Photos & Video. Two out of 3 properties I shoot sell in 100 days or less ($1M avg) and this checklist is part of that success. Getting a home ready to sell is a pain but you will not regret this effort. Plus, it has the added bonus of getting the property ready for showings and may knock out a little packing!

FREE Homeowner's Guide to Preparing for Real Estate Photos & Video

Thumbnail of homeowner's guide to getting ready for photos and video

2) No HDR

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it refers to the range in which you can see detail in the highlights and shadows of a given scene which is a challenge in real estate photography. A camera doesn’t have the dynamic range to ‘see’ details inside a dark room and outside a bright window in one image and HDR photography is one way to deal with this problem. It’s a fast, easy technique but the results tend to appear hazy and unnatural.

I prefer to use lighting equipment to brighten a room and then layer in a separate window exposure by hand.

3) One friendly point of contact for photos, video & drone work

You only need to talk to one gal. I shoot interior, exterior, twilight, aerial, panorama, time lapse, hyper-lapse, lifestyle, Google Earth Fly-Ins, agent walk-throughs and headshots. (Currently, I do not offer 3D tours.) You can expect me to show up on time, dress appropriately and treat homes and homeowners with respect.

Portrait of woman leaning against a chain link fence

Diane Zahorodny - Owner, Photographer, Videographer and Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot

4) Professional equipment and continuous learning

I have invested heavily in photography cameras, video cameras, tripods, flashes, 3-axis gimbals, computers, software and one of the highest quality drones on the market. And after more than 20 years, I'm still learning new tricks.


Thumbnail of homeowner's guide to getting ready for video and photo

Homeowner's Guide to Preparing for Real Estate Photos & Video

Two out of 3 properties I shoot sell in 100 days or less ($1M avg) and this checklist is part of that success. Get instant access : )


1) The Meet and Greet

Photo & Video Typically, the agent and I meet with the owners, walk the property, create our shot list and discuss any special selling features. I can also select the image list for you. Agents are welcome to stay during the shoot but it is not necessary. I do my best work when the house is empty. Time: 20-30 minutes

2) The Shoot

Photo I stage each space by removing any clutter such as tissue boxes, remotes, garbage cans, dog beds, shampoo bottles and alarm clocks as well as straightening curtains, throw pillows, bed get the idea. Then I compose a visually appealing image that, whenever possible, shows the connection to adjoining spaces, giving buyers a feel for the layout. Finally, I light the room with one or more flashes and shoot with a Nikon D850 and Nikkor lenses which all result in natural, clear, vibrant images. Time: 2-3 hours

Video I stage each space just as I would for photographs. I use professional stabilizers to create smooth, dramatic footage and a video camera specifically designed for high performance in low light situations. A near-Hollywood quality drone will film the property from above. Whenever possible, I try to include footage of wildlife as well. Time: 1-2 hours

3) The Delivery

Photo You get proofs of the images you want, plus a handful more. This way you have some options, but don’t get overwhelmed with choices. Within 2 business days of receiving your image list, I upload your selections to Dropbox at both web and print resolutions. Turnaround: 2 business days

Video I deliver a first draft of the video with your custom branding (logo, headshot, contact, etc) then give you the opportunity to request basic changes, such as swapping out one clip for another, changing the order of the clips and making adjustments to the branding, all at no charge. Once you are satisfied, I will upload branded and unbranded versions of the video to Dropbox. Turnaround: 5 business days

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