Diane Zahorodny

Owner, Photographer, Videographer and Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot

Durango, Colorado USA

Outdoor portrait of woman with black shirt

"The voices in my head demand perfection and I try to accommodate"


Diane Zahorodny (za-rodny) is originally from the suburbs outside Chicago and moved to her husband's home town of Durango in 2010. She has over 20 years of experience which includes architecture, product, portrait, wedding and event photography plus marketing and graphic design. On big shoots, she is assisted by her husband, Anthony, who is also a small business owner here in Durango. Visit Xylem Custom Guitars and Repairs

Man and woman wearing scrubs in an OR

Diane and Anthony working together on a shoot at Animas Surgical Hospital

Bride and groom in a field of ferns

Their wedding in Sedona, AZ


When you hire Diane, you are helping to support her puppies. Over her lifetime, Diane has fostered around 200 animals for various non-profit rescues. She is in the process of developing a video training series which will teach people how to properly raise and socialize puppies from birth until adoption. Many of the common behavior problems we see in dogs can be prevented with some basic socializing and desensitizing while puppies are young. It's not only easier, faster and long lasting but it's damn cute too. Learn more at Puppy Junkie and enjoy the video below of our foster puppies experiencing snow for the first time!

Here are two of our foster puppies encountering snow for the first time : )

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